Carol's Lighten Up Story

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Most of us have heard or read about the importance of loving ourselves. However, no one has ever been able to give us a simple, easy process to get us to that state of self-love, no one that is, until now. Carol Hansen had hated her body all her life. At age 48 she was unhappy, unhealthy and living a high stress life. On New Year’s Eve 1992 she attended a 24-hour meditation where she prayed for a process that would bring body, mind and spirit into alignment—a process that would enable her to love herself just the way she was.

It was during that meditation that an easy, nurturing 5 minute-a-day process was given to her. She began doing the process everyday without any expectations. Within 30 days of starting the process her blood pressure and cholesterol levels had dropped dramatically. Within 10 months she had regained her health, had “lightened up” physically, was energized, needed less sleep and looked and felt 20 years younger. She had become the person she had always dreamed of being!

Carol stresses that this is not a “weight loss” technique. It is a process that brings body, mind and spirit into alignment – a process that enables you to “lighten up your life” with love by loving yourself unconditionally, perhaps for the first time in your life. And once you experience that love, the healing begins.

From 1993-2003, Carol traveled around the United States and Canada teaching this process in a workshop called “Open Your Heart & Lighten Up!” Over 5000 people attended her classes and experienced its magic in their lives—many have called it the “missing piece of the puzzle.” Now her powerful workshop is available for you to experience in the privacy of your home or car through her Lighten Up audio tape and CD which have sold over 25,000 copies by word of mouth. Carol continues to receive letters, phone calls and emails from people every week telling of miracles in their lives as a result of this magical process.

Carol believes if everyone loved themselves unconditionally, they could then, without effort, truly begin to love others unconditionally. When enough people are filled with unconditional love for themselves and others, we will experience true world peace. Her message is powerful and she is on a mission to share this process with the world!

Click here to read Lighten Up Testimonials