Praise for Web Without a Weaver

Victor Grey has made a tremendous study of the Internet at a factual level.  Web Without a Weaver is the most readable treatise on the Internet that I have seen.  

~ Rev. Wayne Manning, Christ Unity Church in Sacramento and Award Winning Web Site Developer

Victor Grey has successfully explored the Internet with the skill of a fine writer and the insights of an expert.  He has created a book that helps us understand this technology and its global implications.

~ Jonathan Scheiner, Ph.D., Physicist and Project Manager, TRC Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Grey proposes that the Internet is serving a role in the evolution of human consciousness, a perspective I haven't heard from anyone else and one that I may never have considered.  I can now envision the positive role it plays as we humans eventually rediscover our souls and ultimately transcend our present crises.  His book has changed the way I look at the Web forever.

~ John E. Renesch, Author of The New Bottom Line

Web Without a Weaver helped me to understand this new phenomenon that is being hyped everywhere.  The book is a wealth of information.

~Priscilla Curry, Programmer and Systems Analyst, Safeway, Inc.

Victor Grey skillfully took this complex topic and made it understandable to those of us who are not "technologically" oriented.  I highly recommend Web Without a Weaver to those who want to learn how the Internet is changing our planet.

~Mark Bryant, Entrepreneur and Author of Hidden Assets: An Adventure to Find Inner Resources