Kite Tales: Life Stories by Emogene Yates

Em has been a dear friend and an inspiration to me for over 20 years. She is an amazing story-teller. Her granddaughter's request for her to write her stories, unleashed a passion in her for writing. She took several writing courses but needed a computer. So she talked me into selling her my old iMac when I decided to upgrade to a newer model. I gave her lessons and she was off and running (or more accurately off and writing)! Her granddaughter published Em's first book of stories, Flying My Kite (132 pages). That inspired her to write another book of stories -- this one much longer (324 pages) called Kite Tales. I helped her edit and organize the stories into 3 parts: Kansas Kite Tales of her childhood, California Kite Tales and Kite Tale Musings (her poetry and prose). (Click here to read the Introduction.)

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