Screen-Printed Wood PEP Beads with Wood Heart Charm (#W13007)

$ 20.00

Wood carries a grounding energy, so these beads infused with Reiki energy will help empower you to stay grounded as you move through your day. The Wood Heart fob helps remind you to follow your heart in all your endeavors 

Brown is a serious, down-to-earth color signifying stability, structure and support. It is the color of security, protection, honesty, sincerity, and material wealth and is friendly, approachable, loyal, trustworthy and dependable. It relates to quality in everything: a comfortable home, the best food and loyal companionship. Its red highlights motivate you to take action. 

Carry your Personal Empowerment Beads in your pocket or purse, hang them from a key chain or lay them on your altar. Finger them whenever you are seeking a grounding energy, searching for connection, or feeling alone or disconnected. Use them to focus on the attributes you wish to attract to yourself while you recite a favorite mantra or affirmation nine times.

Materials used: Screen-Printed Wood Beads, Carved Wood Heart Charm, Nylon Cord