Painted Wood PEP Beads with Chinese Bell Ball fob (#W13009)

$ 40.00

Wood carries a grounding energy, so these beads infused with Reiki energy will help empower you to stay grounded as you move through your day. The Chinese Bell Ball with the Yin Yang symbol is created using the ancient Cloisonné metalworking technique. Vibrant enamel in green, black, copper & white are fired over a delicately hand crafted copper design to form a fantastic work of art. 

These beads are balanced and can be used as a pendulum. Carry your Personal Empowerment Beads in your pocket or purse, hang them from a key chain, lay them on your altar or hang them in a corner of your home or office to balance the energy. Finger them whenever you are seeking a grounding energy, searching for connection, or feeling alone or disconnected. Use them to focus on the attributes you wish to attract to yourself while you recite a favorite mantra or affirmation nine times.

Materials used: Screen Printed Wood Beads, Cloisonné Bell Charm, Nylon Cord