Easter Egg Clay PEP Beads (#CL13009)

$ 25.00

These playful Easter Egg beads symbolize new life. They are made of clay, so they help provide assistance when we come up against the big obstacles of life. They carry an encouraging energy, delivering support and sympathy when one feels low. Clay is a good grounding source and because it is produced in intense heat conditions, it also has strong associations with fire and the third chakra energy. Fired clay represents strength and fertility and provides stability in times of change. It helps to dissipate anger and provide guidance and understanding, assisting one to "bounce back" to harmony and peace.

The clay flowered heart fob reminds you to always return to your heart. 

Carry your Personal Empowerment Beads in your pocket or purse, hang them from a key chain or lay them on your altar. Finger them whenever you are seeking emotional strength and inner peace. Use them to focus on the attributes you wish to attract to yourself while you recite a favorite mantra or affirmation nine times. 

Materials used: Clay, Hemp Cord