Personal Empowerment Deck

$ 15.00

This beautifully designed Personal Empowerment Deck was inspired by Carol Hansen Grey's motivational book, Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace. The business card-sized deck contains 33 cards (plus an instruction card for individual and group use) and comes in a 2-piece plastic storage box. Each card has a unique message designed to help you shift into a state of personal empowerment. (See sample cards.)

Carol believes that achieving a state of peace and harmony in the world begins with each one of us reaching a state of inner peace and harmony.  A prerequisite of achieving inner peace is personal empowerment.  It can be challenging, however, to be personally empowered if your mind is filled with disempowering thoughts.  These cards are designed to be used as daily reminders to help you focus your energy on empowering thoughts about yourself. Draw a card each morning, tuck it in your pocket or purse and refer to it throughout the day whenever you feel the need to bring yourself back into a state of personal empowerment. 


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