Web Without A Weaver: How the Internet Is Shaping Our Future (Closeout Price)

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by Victor Grey

In this visionary "cult classic" written in 1997, technology strategist, Victor Grey, delves into profoundly powerful and thought-provoking concepts, weaving diverse information into an easily understandable and revealing picture of how the Internet began and the global future being shaped by this technology.  

Evolutionary biologist Dr. Elizabet Sahtouris says of Victor Grey:“I really love that he wrote the book I hoped someone would write about the Internet. The Internet from the start has interested me as the biggest and most impressive self-organizing system in human history, forming with lightning speed to save us on the brink of disaster, and he says it all so eloquently, elegantly and readably. I am most impressed!”

Discover for yourself how the Internet, begun as a military project, took on a life of its own and is impacting each one of us, whether or not we own a computer, by:
• shifting power from institutions to individuals
• transforming our global economy
• ensuring the free flow of information around the world
• changing the way we think – from linear to multi-dimensional
• connecting and empowering people in way s never before possible
• creating millions of communities, linked together in one great, ever-changing global community

The concepts in this book, written almost 20 years ago, gives readers a wonderful slice of history and insights that were pulled together when the Internet was in its infancy -- a MUST READ for Internet history enthusiasts.  

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